Gold, ABC's of Panning

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Reprint of an old classic, this book illustrates how to find placer gold, how to use a gold pan, and what equipment is needed.

Table of Contents: The Metal Called Gold: The How and Why of Your Interest In It, The Nature of Gold, Gold Finds: Past, Present and Future, Uses for Gold: Old and New, The Future for Gold; How To Find Placer Gold: Where Gold Came From, How Gold Got into the Streams, Likely Places for it To Be, Using Metal Detectors to Locate Placers; The Necessary Equipment: The Gold Pan, Brushes, Tweezers, Crevicing Tools, Shovels, Picks, Axes, Etc., Gold Sniffers, Mercury, Magnifying Glasses, Gold Bottles; How To Pan Gold: Basic Facts for the Gold Panner, General Panning Instructions, Specific Procedures: Steps 1 Through 7; More Useful Information: Your Legal Rights to Pan Gold, How to Use Mercury Effectively and (I Hope!) Safely, Weighing Your Take; Conclusion: Gold is More Than Mere Metal. Legaye, 90 pages.