3 in. Keene Ultra Mini Dredge

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Ultra light... Ultra Portable... Ultra Efficient... Ultra Economical!

The Ultra 3 has set a new standard for smaller sized dredges. The unmatched performance of this dredge system is designed for those who operate in extremely remote and challenging locations. It can be easily transported and is lightweight and quick to assemble. Powered by a variety of engines, pumps and compressors offering a choice of power to fit individual needs. The Ultra 3 features our high performance 3 inch sluice box recovery system with a longer expanded metal classification screen, black ribbed rubber for quick recognition of values and miner moss for excellent gold retention. Comes with a shorter oversized power jet and longer Marlex Jet Flare for greater suction power and non clogging features. The one piece ribbed lightweight Marlex floats and two piece frame provide a compact package that when assembled is smaller lighter and more compact than all previous three inch dredge models.


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