The Mining Camps Speak

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This book begins where other ghost town and historic site guidebooks end. It is the first book to help you discover what happened and in what time period, when little or nothing of the site remains. Includes a very nicely illustrated section on the history and identification of tin cans and the remains of mining equipment.The Mining Camps Speak is for people who have visited ghost town sites in the past and were disappointed because there was "nothing left." Here is a new way to explore these mysterious sites, even if all that's left is rubble. The techniques are valid in any western state, even Alaska. It begins where other ghost town guidebooks end. It is the first book to guide readers around a site in Sherlock Holmes fashion. Using the techniques of a historical sleuth, you will learn to identify forgotten pieces of the past. You will see for yourself the lives that passed this way and you will hear The Mining Camps Speak. Illustrated with hundreds of black and white photographs and antique engravings. Beth and Bill Sagstetter, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, soft cover with 279 pages.