Redlight Ladies Of Virginia City

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Prostitution was legal in Virginia City Nevada from 1859 to 1947 and from 1860 to 1882 it was the richest mining town in America. This created the backdrop for the true stories of the lives, deaths and legends of the prostitutes.This is a study of the prostitutes and madams who worked the silver mining town of Virginia City, Nevada 1860-1900. Today Virginia City is a National Historic Site visited by millions each year, and the setting for the popular "Bonanza" television series . More than 300 women worked Virginia City's three redlight districts during the mining boom years. The book is based on newspaper reports of the day, federal and county records. Includes the story of Julia Bulette, a kind hearted prostitute who helped the needy and was murdered, and the stories of Jessie Lester and Cad Thompson, madams. Also includes personal letters from prostitutes, madams and others. George Williams III, 47 pages.