Ghost Towns & Historical Haunts in Arizona

Price: $12.95

Author: Thelma Heatwole

Soft Cover: 144 Pages
Visit the towns of Arizona’s golden past, see adobe ruins, old mines, cemeteries, cabins, and castles!  Ghost towns, the crumbling tributes to our pioneering forefathers – which still live on via what they left behind.  Some of the towns have all but vanished with only a few crumbling foundations and pieces of twisted foundry equipment but other still have sizeable remains including old ghost towns like Pearce, Arizona where a few people still live and the General Store stands completely stabilized and restored. Travel the backroads of what is known as the “Ghost Town Trail” and discover some of Arizona’s fascinating history through it’s ghost towns and graveyards. Learn the history of these fascinating old west town remains including Courtland, Congress, Fort Misery, Charleston, Fort Bowie, Gleeson, Paradise, Sasco and many, many more.  Includes illustrations and photographs.