Treasure Signs, Symbols, Shadow & Sun Signs

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John "Duke" Wayne and I joined forces in 1974 in FULL TIME TREASURE HUNTING. I had already formed "THE QUEST, AN EXPLORATION CORPORATION" and had also engaged Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in an exclusive contract to advise, research, design and develop needed electronic / optical devices, as well as accompany us, in the field of treasure hunting. Early-on, Duke said: "Well, now that we've got the brightest guys in the world advising us, all we need now is some first class research. Ya know, if we do this right, we may even change the image of treasure hunters."

The very best that a treasure hunter/lost mine hunter can ever hope for is that his information is correct and accurate and that his mine/treasure actually did exist at one time. Then, the only unknown factor is did someone already find it-and deal with it quietly??
The next, and all important factor is the hunter's knowledge/understanding of signs, symbols, trail markers, trail signs and codes used on maps and in the field. Treasure "story" writers have misled the hunter for many many decades. One writer must have surely copied from another and never did research on his own to our detriment.
For example: "The hidden treasure is hidden in a covered mine two (2) leagues southwest of 'X"'. The writer goes on to tell us that a league was between three (3) and three and one half (3 1/2) miles in distance. That is true for a nautical (ocean) league but not on land. A statute (land) league was 2.18 miles. Without question, many hunters must have spent years searching well beyond their true area of interest-due to the story writers. See pages on measurements and try again, it's closer than you thought. by Charles A. Kenworthy