Where To Find Gold In The Desert

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Want to know where you have the best chance to find gold today?
In fact, the deserts of America's Southwest are filled with gold... some of it occurring naturally and some of it hidden as part of treasure troves dating back to Indian times. But gold is really out there for those prospectors who are smart enough and persistent enough to locate it.
Gold isn't everywhere it accumulates in particular kinds of areas under predictable conditions. Undisturbed time helps gather gold flakes and nuggets in hiking places that can be sought out and located by prospectors who understand gold's secrets.
Jim Klein, veteran prospector, miner and treasure hunter, knows those secrets. In this revised edition, Jim explains where to look and what to look for all over the deserts of the American Southwest from California to Nevada to Utah to Arizona to New Mexico. Jim also knows the treasure tales of this barren and enchanted land and relates some of the most captivating ones that can take you on a journey of discovery to hidden riches. Klein, 144 pages.