Rocks, Minerals, Crystals: Complete Identifier

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This compact study guide contains concise descriptions of each rock, crystal, and mineral, with symbols providing at-a-glance information on distinctive features, composition, and physical properties.

The durability, beauty, variety, and widespread availability of minerals and rocks make them the ideal subjects for the amateur collector or for the aspiring geologist who wants to find out more about the planet on which we live.

Superbly photographed, this book introduces you to the field of geology and rocks—past and present, imitations and synthetics, and the effects of plate tectonics and erosion. Over 200 rocks, crystals, and minerals are presented, enabling you to identify different samples through examination of color, structure, hardness, and place of origin.  From the fabulously famous Koh-i-nor diamond to the most mundane of rocks—coal, this compact and comprehensive volume will teach you all you need to know about rocks, crystals, and minerals.