Rockhounding Idaho

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Rockhounding Idaho is the one must-have book for anyone interested in collecting rocks, minerals, fossils, and gold in the Gem State. Completely up-to-date with over 200 pinpoint GPS coordinates in ninety-nine general collecting locales, it covers both popular and widely known fee-dig operations as well as four-wheel-drive adventures into the deserts and long winding drives through the mountains. The result is a complete guide to the state's vast riches. The author is a long-time field collector in the Pacific Northwest and an award-winning technical writer who clearly explains the broad outlines of Idaho's many collecting locales and mining districts, and provides an appreciation for the geology underneath. Readers can use this guide to plan expeditions straight across the state or devise looping road trips that cover a single region in great detail. From agates to zeolites, from garnets to gold, Rockhounding Idaho is the ideal resource for rockhounds of all ages and experience levels. Garret Romaine, 264 pages.