Beachcombing The Pacific

Price: $9.95

Who among us has not looked out over a beautiful body of water and wondered what treasures are buried in the shore? Or found an unusual artifact floating and wondered where it originated? Whether you are a potential or a practicing beachcomber, Beachcombing The Pacific, will show you techniques to enhance your discovery potential and improve the results of your efforts. This newly revised and illustrated edition is written to capture the fun and excitement of the setting. Whether you are beachcombing along coastal beaches, lake shores, or river banks this book will show you how to go about serious beachcombing successfully. Not only will you learn which beaches are better for finding items, but also certain techniques which are more productive for locating these treasures. Beachcombing The Pacific, is truly a comprehensive how-to and where-to handbook that will prove to be an indispensable tool for beginning as well as experienced beachcombers.