The Sport of Coin Hunting

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Treasure hunters who recover relics and prospect for precious metals such as gold and silver know that research, knowledge of history and a little bit of luck are required. Coin shooters, on the other hand, know that they can take their detector out and begin finding coins almost anywhere in the world.
It’s hard to describe the thrill American coin hunters feel when they unearth a rare 1700s-era coin. Less rare, but equally exciting, to many are the countless buffaloes, liberties, Barbers and Morgans just waiting to be discovered. For the young beginners that first modern nickel from the school playground can bring a rush of excitement that may forever hook them into the sport of coin shooting.
Metal detectorists overseas in Europe have the potential to recover coins thousands of years old. European treasure hunting magazines regularly depict detectorists who have dug up ancient hoards of Roman coins. The purpose of this coin hunting field guide is to offer you the basic knowledge necessary to join the fine sport of coin shooting with a metal detector. For the veteran coin hunters, this book will offer tips that will help improve your odds of being successful.

The Sport of Coin Hunting also includes a brief reference section on some of the types of coins you can discover. For more thorough knowledge of coin hunting, please reference my book, Successful Coin Hunting. For those of you just joining this exciting hobby, I welcome you and wish you great success. by Charles Garrett 72 pages 3.5 x 5 inches Soft cover